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HA5 High Density Mineral Bond Asphalt Preservation

We will be busy protecting your roads with our innovative HA5 High Density Mineral Bond. In order to help the process go smoothly, we wanted to give you a little information on what to expect. During this process your roads will be closed for approximately 24 hours starting at 8:00 A.M. and opening the following morning at 6:00 A.M

Here are a few tips to help you through this process

Where do I park my car and how should I park it?

While your road is closed, you may park on the street in any open area outside of the work zone. No vehicles will be allowed on the newly treated road surfaces until the road is reopened. Please do not park within 50 feet of any road being worked on.

What if my car is parked on a road that is closed?

The streets being treated will be closed overnight.  If your vehicle is on a street that will be blocked by adjacent surfacing work, it will have to remain until the work is complete.  If your vehicle is on the street when work begins, it will have to be towed.

What if I drive on the road while it is closed?

Please do not attempt to drive on the road while it is closed as this may cause damage to your vehicle and several thousands of dollars of damage to the newly treated surface. ANDALE CONSTRUCTION  & Agency are not responsible for damage to your vehicle or to the newly treated road surface.


Frequently asked questions

Q: How will we get our mail, FEDEX and UPS packages?

A:  We have talked with the postal service and you will receive your mail and packages as normal.

Q: How will this affect any landscaping work?

A:  Please hold off on any landscape work while road work is being performed and turn off sprinkler systems during and 24 hours after the road is treated. 

Q: How will the shuttle system work?

A:  You should be able to park within walking distance of your home.  If assistance is needed with transport between your home and vehicle, please see your specific flyer for shuttle information..

How do I know when my road will be closed?

A: We will notify you 72 hours in advance and if you choose to opt into our text messaging service we can give you early notifications.

Q: How will this affect emergency vehicles?

A:  Emergency vehicles will be able to access any home in the neighborhood 24 hours a day.


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