How to designate funds for pavement preservation

Published on July 28, 2020

Kent Nobis, APM

Pavement Management and Preservation Regional Director. Want to get your agency or private community on the fast track? Consider partnering with

Nationwide, billions of dollars have been invested in roadway networks by municipal, state, and federal governments. Locally, the City of Hurst, TX has 138 miles of roadways, encompassing over 2.7 million square yards of concrete and asphalt surfacing. At an average replacement cost for a typical roadway just over $1.3M per mile, not including the land, the City has over $181.6M invested in its paved roadway network.

Preservation of existing roads is a major activity for this city.

Watch and hear why from the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, Assist. City Manager, and Public Works. Funds have been designated for pavement preservation which must be used effectively and deployed with a sound strategy.

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